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YOU MAY NOT KNOW – the fun fact of the name Manchester United

  1. Full name: Manchester United.
  2. Abbreviated name: – Man Utd; United; Man United; The Red Devils; Red Devils; The Reds; Reds; MU.

Among these calling methods, Man Utd and United are the two most used by homepage in articles. United is also the way that the homepage is always used to display the results of matches. If the full names are not used, the names Man Utd and United are most recommended.

The Red Devils, Red Devils and Reds are obviously used a lot.

The name The Reds is still used a lot by the homepage (myself is the translator of many articles on the homepage and draws this comment). Referring to the name of The Reds, some people might think of Liverpool club, but the reality shows that Manchester United is still called The Reds by many people, as well as the name of the Reds that is disputed between the two clubs.

Besides, the name MU, I see that Vietnamese fans use a lot, but in fact, the club also uses that name (although not in the articles), so many new names are under the copyright of the club such as MUFC, MUTV. , MU Mobile … These copyright names are used right on the homepage of That’s why I think this name is still reasonable.

The names are NOT considered valid and even absolutely NOT used to call the club and the fan club:

  1. Manucian

On forums often use the word “Manucian” to refer to MU fans.

The word “Manucian” has absolutely no meaning from the English dictionary. That is just the way Vietnamese football fans give it to fans of the Red Devils. Simply by the tail “-cian” is often used to refer to people.