Sports betting being frozen, the banker in the US lured guests into placing a bet on sharks (part 03)

Solution for the conservation costs?

“Since there is no sport going on, we have to be more creative than usual. Sharks are totally a suitable animal for this, they follow the same migration route, so you can make a deal on where they are going to, but don’t know when they will get there.” Strauss added.

Being famous for the sharp teeth and huge size (adults can weigh more than 1 ton), white sharks are special species that migrate over long distances. They can swim thousands of miles to reach the waters zone which provides abundant food supply and more mates. But there’s so much information about this species that people still don’t fully understand, and Ocearch’s mission is to fill that gap.

Since its inception in 2007, the organization has attached positioning devices to more than 100 white sharks, and every time the shark emerges from the surface, the device will transmit signals to researchers.

Melissa Cristina Marquez, a shark scientist, believes that organizing betting on them like MyBookie could be a new way to draw the public’s attention to this animal.

Other experts also said that if MyBookie donates money to researchers – who work in areas that need financial support – then betting will have a positive impact on the scientific community.

Mr. Strauss said he intended to have MyBookie provide financial support to Ocearch, although he did not think that betting on sharks would be very profitable for his company.

“We do not expect to make millions from this,” Mr. Strauss added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fischer, the head of Ocearch, said that it would take more time for his organization to evaluate whether the cooperation with MyBookie would be beneficial, both for the organization and the animals that Ocearch is doing. to protect.

Even if the two sides can’t work together, Mr. Fischer thinks the idea of betting on sharks is “very interesting”.