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Fact-check: Ronaldo flees and fake news

The epidemic cast a bleak shadow on European football when a series of tournaments were postponed and that was also a condition for fake news or untested information to spread.
European football experienced an unprecedented nightmare called the corona virus. Three weeks ago, Italy recorded only 3 cases of Covid-19. The matches still flooded the audience. Millions of people watched Cristiano Ronaldo score their opponents through the screen.

Now Italy is the largest outbreak in Europe with more than 15,000 cases, more than 1,000 deaths. Bringing the outbreak in Italy is an increase in the number of infections in Spain, Germany, France and even the UK, the countries that own the top national leagues in Europe.
Disease confusion also becomes a condition for fake news to break out.

first. Liverpool lost the Premier League title because of Covid-19

Incorrect. There is no information to confirm this prospect will come to the top team of the Premier League. The organizers of the highest level tournament in the land of the fog have just discussed the Covid-19 anti-epidemic plan and decided that the matches are still happening normally on the field with an audience.
The plan to postpone, even finish early, has never been discussed. This prospect is just a joke for fans in England, who have used Liverpool empty-handed in the Premier League for 30 years to provoke fans of the port city football team.
Then, the lack of prestige news sites in the UK reported sensational news to attract readers. At this time, Liverpool only needs to add 6 points / 12 rounds to win the championship, regardless of the results of the opponents chasing.