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The funniest accidents in football history: Mixing milk, shaving is also involved

Besides terrible injuries on the pitch, football world has also witnessed unexpected and equally rare accidents. Here are the funniest injuries in football history.

Millwall’s É and Cardiff City’s É
  1. Asensio retired because of… acne

In the 2017/18 season, Real Madrid made a trip with APOEL in the Champions League, but coach Zidane could not register young star Marco Asensio on the list. Not that the injury is too heavy, but the Spaniard has a pimple growing in his leg, making it impossible for him to … pull up his socks.

After being examined by the medical department, Asensio was determined to have an infection caused by acne, caused by the hair of his legs. Anyway, the player cannot play and Coach Zidane can do nothing more.

  1. A broken leg because of golf

World football perhaps few people are as unlucky as midfielder Alan Tate, when he was in Swansea in the Premier League. This player enjoyed a short vacation to a local golf course, and returned with a broken leg… which took him 6 months to recover.

Specifically, Tate, while moving by a dedicated car on the golf course, had a problem with the car losing control and his feet hit directly … the tree trunk. This is a huge loss for the Swans, when they just got to the Premier League and Alan Tate is an irreplaceable pillar (Swansea vice captain). Attention Gareth Bale.

  1. Injury because … mixed milk

In 2006 in a Sunderland shirt, striker Kevin Kyle probably had the most horrifying experience of his career, in an attempt to take care of his 8-month-old son. Black Cat’s striker was at home heating water to make milk for the prince, when suddenly his son Max Kyle splashed water all over the floor, causing Kevin Kyle to slip on his face.

As a result, striker Sunderland suffered burns to his thighs and … testicles, was transferred straight to the hospital and had to take a short time off. After this incident, both the father and the son lie in one place for the mother to take care of.

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Johnny Moustache
Moustache is a word which has a certain meaning in English. If you do not read this name carefully, maybe many people will get the wrong clue of this name as Mouth-ache.
Johnny Moustache is a football superstar in Seychelles. Many people shared a fact through a word of mouth that it is just only because of this funny name that this football star in Seychelles has never caught the attention of renowned European football clubs.

Danger Fourpence
Danger Fourpence is a Zimbabwe midfielder. The name of this football player has a really hilarious meaning in English. When being read out loud, many people will bear the thought of a different phrase :”four dangerous coins”.
This midfielder whose name means “invisible” has never been offered the chance to compete for prestigious clubs in Europe. The most renowned football club which has recruited this Italian player is the Kilmarnock Club (Scotland). However, during the time playing for this club Invincible only scored 32 goals after 199 times officially competing on the pitch, this number of titles definitely does not give enough credit to his name.
Argelico Fcks This former Brazil football player really bears an ugly name. It often appears in swearing sentences of English-speaking community. Until now, people still talk about a famous title “Fcks off to Benfica” which was posted publicly on website after he took part in the Benfica Club from Palmeiras. Throughout his professional football career, F*cks only succeeded in being called to take part in the National Brazil football team in 1995.
Apart from those 10 above names, football fans still feel bliss of fun when hearing about other names such as David Seaman, Waldo Ponce, Wolfgang Wolf, Ars Bandeet …