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The funniest accidents in football history: Mixing milk, shaving is also involved

Besides terrible injuries on the pitch, football world has also witnessed unexpected and equally rare accidents. Here are the funniest injuries in football history.

Millwall’s É and Cardiff City’s É
  1. Asensio retired because of… acne

In the 2017/18 season, Real Madrid made a trip with APOEL in the Champions League, but coach Zidane could not register young star Marco Asensio on the list. Not that the injury is too heavy, but the Spaniard has a pimple growing in his leg, making it impossible for him to … pull up his socks.

After being examined by the medical department, Asensio was determined to have an infection caused by acne, caused by the hair of his legs. Anyway, the player cannot play and Coach Zidane can do nothing more.

  1. A broken leg because of golf

World football perhaps few people are as unlucky as midfielder Alan Tate, when he was in Swansea in the Premier League. This player enjoyed a short vacation to a local golf course, and returned with a broken leg… which took him 6 months to recover.

Specifically, Tate, while moving by a dedicated car on the golf course, had a problem with the car losing control and his feet hit directly … the tree trunk. This is a huge loss for the Swans, when they just got to the Premier League and Alan Tate is an irreplaceable pillar (Swansea vice captain). Attention Gareth Bale.

  1. Injury because … mixed milk

In 2006 in a Sunderland shirt, striker Kevin Kyle probably had the most horrifying experience of his career, in an attempt to take care of his 8-month-old son. Black Cat’s striker was at home heating water to make milk for the prince, when suddenly his son Max Kyle splashed water all over the floor, causing Kevin Kyle to slip on his face.

As a result, striker Sunderland suffered burns to his thighs and … testicles, was transferred straight to the hospital and had to take a short time off. After this incident, both the father and the son lie in one place for the mother to take care of.

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Funny scene kick missed the ball and self, Lewandowski still … asked for a penalty

Striker Robert Lewandowski was the highlight of Bayern Munich’s 1-1 draw against Union Berlin in round 11 of the German Championship (Bundesliga) on the morning of December 13.
Underestimated, but host Union Berlin surprised again when the goal opened in the 4th minute by Grischa Promel. The defeat forced Bayern Munich to push the squad to equalize.

goalkeeper Robin Zentner of 1. FSV Mainz 05 during the Pre-season Friendly match between 1.FSV Mainz 05 and Rayo Vallecano at Sportzentrum Worgl on July 17, 2019 in Worgl, Austria(Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)

The visitors were looking for a goal in every possible way, from long range, close shot, short ball combination, long pass. Or even a “killer” like Lewandowski still has to try to ask for a penalty even though he himself … falls.
That was the situation in the 24th minute. From Goretzka’s precise pass, the Polish striker escaped and entered the Union Berlin penalty area. Faced with goalkeeper Andreas Luthe, Lewandowski did not hesitate to launch a shot. But before he could touch the ball, he fell and immediately raised his hand for a penalty.
The referee initially pointed at the 11-meter spot because from a distance it appeared that Marvin Friedrich had collided with Lewandowski. But then when he consulted the VAR, he canceled this decision. Slow shot showed that Friedrich did lightly touch Lewandowski, but the impact was not enough. Besides, Lewandowski himself somewhat fell after kicking … missed the ball.
On social networks, many fans wondered whether Lewandowski was true or deliberately fell to earn a penalty. Account Galdalf Noot commented: “Probably not on purpose, because it is clear that scoring in this ball is easier than a penalty.” Another user commented: “Someone explain why Lewandowski fell for me?”.
Fortunately, although there was no penalty, the Polish striker still found an equalizer for Bayern in the second half with a subtle finish. But “Gray Lobster” was unable to have a comeback and accepted a 1-1 draw against Union Berlin.
In another noteworthy match, Dortmund, despite playing at home, suddenly let rookie Stuttgart “bury” to 5-1.

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15 interesting facts very few people know about football

In football, there are many interesting facts that few people notice. Here are some stories like that.

  1. In 1967, the two sides in the civil war in Nigeria have ceased the war for 2 days, to monitor the friendly match of “King of Football” Pele took place in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.
  2. 149-0 is the biggest score in a professional football match. It took place in the Madagascar National Championship in November 2002, which was the victory of Stade Olympique de L’emyrne against rival AS Adema because the opponent repeatedly kicked an own goal to protest the referee’s decision in the previous match.
  3. The maximum number of goals scored by a player in a professional match is 16 goals. That achievement belongs to Stephan Stanis, in the Lens club match (France) in December 1942.
  4. The youngest professional player in the world is Bryce Brites. When he was recruited by Racing Boxberg (Belgium), Bryce was just … 20 months old.
  5. 27 professional football teams in the world take the name of the Beatles’ songs as their nicknames. Among them, the most famous is Villarreal with the song “Yellow Submarine”.
  6. The largest football tournament in the world has 5,098 teams participating. It was the 7th Stadium tournament held in Bangkok, Thailand in 1999. There are about 35,000 players participating in the competition.
  7. FIFA World Federation has more members (209 members) than the United Nations (193 members).
  8. When the World Cup was held in the US in 1994, they spent only 30 million dollars to improve the infrastructure for the game. In 2014, Brazil spent $ 11 billion on the World Cup.
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Get to know the origins and several interesting facts of the “king” sport – football

The fact that football originated from China or the most important soccer stadium is found in Korea may take many of us aback as there are just a couple of people actually skills all of these football things origin from. There are over 265 million people around the world playing soccer and it’s estimated that 4 billion spectators are actively watching this sport through TV. In regard to the many factors, it deserves to be the king sport.

  1. Football was invented in China around the period of 476 BC
    Most experts agree that this king sport was invented in around 476 BC in China. At this point, it had been called Cuju. Later, throughout the long history with a series of various variations occurred, football, for the primary time, appeared in Ancient Greece, the Maya Empire, and Great Britain.
    There are more than 3.5 billion people watched the FIFA World Cup.
  2. The FIFA World Cup is the most-watched sporting event within the world. it’s estimated that the amount of individuals watching the planet Cup is over 3.5 billion.
    There were about 1 billion people recording watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup final between France and Croatia, a match during which France was the winner.
  3. Sheffield FC is that the oldest football club within the world
    Sheffield FC is that the oldest football club within the world, it had been founded in 1857.
  4. The fastest goal in football history
    Nawaf Al-Abed is that the player creating the fastest goal in football history. This player scored just 2.4 seconds after the match started.
  5. the bulk of balls are produced in Pakistan
    Sialkot in Pakistan is legendary for creating balls for the FIFA World Cup since 1982. a number of the simplest balls are produced by hand stitching in Pakistan.

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Football Betting Tips for Beginners (part 1)

Currently, the demand for betting, online football betting is on the rise. Therefore, the demand to learn football betting experience is also increasing rapidly. And before you enter a bet, you need to understand the rules of the game as well as some experience to improve your chances of winning.

Carefully consider before betting football

No matter what odds you bet on, understanding and calculating the match information is an important job you cannot ignore. This is an important football betting experience, but not everyone knows it.

To be able to study the match, you need to understand the situation of the force, team information, performance and class of both owners and guests. Also, read the research and comments of reputable experts. After a few times, once you get used to it, studying the game will not be too difficult for you.

For example, Manchester United (the team you choose) has a higher level than Leicester City, and MU is at the peak of its form (4 wins 1 draw in the last 5 matches) and has the strongest squad (no players) injured pillars). These are all factors that show the team’s high ability to win.

Also, if your rafters are two teams on a par, find out the confrontation history of both teams. For matches where both teams are on equal footing, you need to pay close attention to the current performance of both teams.

According to the betting experience of the betting specialist, before making a bet, the more information you have, the better your chances of winning. These will be important bases for you to make the most accurate decision.

Do not choose a strong team with a low bet

When betting or rafting, you should not be too eager to bet with strong teams. However, choosing strong teams will help you have more chances to win, because this is easily predictable.

Besides, because it is too easy to guess, the number of people who choose a strong team will also be higher, the rafters will be lower. As researched above, if you gamble in a crowd, you run the risk.

Remember, betting on football is a high risk game. According to the soccer betting experience of the veteran players, split the bet amount, do not put your luck on a specific odds, because you will probably lose it all!

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Tottenham vs Manchester City: Jose Mourinho’s Funny Reaction

Jose Mourinho jokes with his ability to change his super fast expression in the win over Man City.

As it turned out, the sight of Jose Mourinho grinning as Tottenham were blown off the pitch was only part of the story. Because when his team repeatedly receives adverse decisions from the referee, the Portuguese coach himself can not remain calm but friendly forever.

Mourinho must have smiled a lot more after seeing Hugo Lloris successfully save the penalty of Ilkay Gundogan and Spurs escaped a lucky loss to Man City. However, short-term joy was not as good as that, only seemed to last for only two seconds.

The number was after the ball was pushed out of the 11m shot, Raheem Sterling tried his best to plunge into the backfill and made a move to collide with the keeper. If it is determined to be a foul, a second penalty in a row will be played but then this time, the referee has also dismissed it.

The problem is that if there is no penalty, it also means that Sterling has eaten, in the context of the British star who originally ate a yellow card before. However, the referee also decided not to withdraw the red card to disqualify the player on the Man City side, so Spurs also lost the advantage in numbers.

Mourinho essentially did not care about this until his assistant said it. So immediately turning 180 degrees of expressive nuance, the Special One was smiling suddenly, suddenly rushing to protest against the fourth referee in anger, and then shouted into the plaintive yard like Mike Dean could hear (or crave to hear).

Add to that the commentator’s relatively gruesome laughter that made this highly entertaining video. Indeed, in terms of comedy, Mourinho ranked second, no one received the number one, maybe luckily except for his former students at Manchester United!

And anyway, Mourinho’s Tottenham was still playing more or less than anyone with the red card of Oleksandr Zinchenko in the second half and brilliantly defeated Pep Guardiola’s Man City 2-0. A worthy victory.