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Interesting facts about golf you probably didn’t know (part 02)

  • The ability to gain HIO (par 3) of a normal golfer is about 1/12500. While the score of -4 below par, or HIO par is as rare as the two consecutive HIO phases mentioned above with the rate of 1 in 67 million.
  • There are currently only 2 subjects played by humans on the moon, which are golf and javelin throwing. The person with the honor of using the 6-sided iron rod of Ms. Hang named Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr., an American astronaut.
    Before golf tee was introduced and became popular, golfers had to play on the sand dunes they built themselves.
  • If you do not use a tram, on average, with 18 holes of golf course you have traveled approximately 6.5km, burning about 400 calories. Normally, Vietnam’s golf courses do not encourage walking because tram cars reduce the time to travel on the course quite a lot.
  • The first 18-hole golf course in the US was located on a sheep farm in Downer’s Grove, Illinois in 1892. Currently the golf course is still in operation even though it has been reduced to 9 holes.
  • The Chinese government banned the construction of new golf courses a few years ago, however this did not prevent the city and the community from building them. To circumvent the law, the developers did not mention golf course construction in their plans.
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Interesting facts about golf you probably didn’t know (to be continued)

After an afternoon wandering to pick up the ball on the training ground, Alegolf collected a basket of “truths” about golf. Maybe golfer has heard most of the interesting statistics below but may find the forgotten things. The lost information when recovered brings an interesting feeling like setting a field for our comrades and discovering that the whole group is always enjoying our preferential treatment.

  • Caddy in golf comes from “le Cadet” in French meaning “the youngest child in the family”
    In the year 1914 during World War I, caddy had become so arrogant that the British experimented with dogs as bat bearers. (The picture was not taken at WWI but the reader can imagine how a dog is a caddy)
  • The golf ball will go further on hot days because the air is then less dense, making the ball less friction.
    In terms of distance, the farthest drive was taken by Anglo-American golfer Michael Hoke Austin when he scored a record 471m (515 yards).
  • In the beginning, golf balls were made of wood, of course their durability was not high.
    Sometimes, golf balls were made of leather and feathers or goose feathers and sold for 10 to 20 dollars.
  • The ball is cheaper and the first day golfer is rich. There are 125,000 golf balls being beaten into the water at the 17th hole of Sawgrass Stadium every year.
  • Female golfer Kassandra Komma from Oakland University has a record of scoring 2 holes in one in a match in the first 9 holes. Both are listed in par3, the 3rd hole with a distance of 162m and the 7th with a distance of 99m.
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15 interesting facts very few people know about football

In football, there are many interesting facts that few people notice. Here are some stories like that.

  1. In 1967, the two sides in the civil war in Nigeria have ceased the war for 2 days, to monitor the friendly match of “King of Football” Pele took place in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.
  2. 149-0 is the biggest score in a professional football match. It took place in the Madagascar National Championship in November 2002, which was the victory of Stade Olympique de L’emyrne against rival AS Adema because the opponent repeatedly kicked an own goal to protest the referee’s decision in the previous match.
  3. The maximum number of goals scored by a player in a professional match is 16 goals. That achievement belongs to Stephan Stanis, in the Lens club match (France) in December 1942.
  4. The youngest professional player in the world is Bryce Brites. When he was recruited by Racing Boxberg (Belgium), Bryce was just … 20 months old.
  5. 27 professional football teams in the world take the name of the Beatles’ songs as their nicknames. Among them, the most famous is Villarreal with the song “Yellow Submarine”.
  6. The largest football tournament in the world has 5,098 teams participating. It was the 7th Stadium tournament held in Bangkok, Thailand in 1999. There are about 35,000 players participating in the competition.
  7. FIFA World Federation has more members (209 members) than the United Nations (193 members).
  8. When the World Cup was held in the US in 1994, they spent only 30 million dollars to improve the infrastructure for the game. In 2014, Brazil spent $ 11 billion on the World Cup.
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15 interesting facts you definitely did not know about NBA Finals (to be continued)

After two extremely tough domain finals spanning seven games, the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers finally meet at the NBA Finals as a habit. This pair of finals successfully set a record in the NBA. This is also the first time that a pair of finals have been held for four consecutive years within the framework of American professional sports tournaments.
In NBA history, there has not been a single final pair that has been repeated for more than 2 times in a row. In the 1980s, the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics were chosen to be in the NBA Finals. However, opponents can change like the Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, or the Detroit Pistons.
Let’s take a look at 15 interesting facts you certainly didn’t know about the NBA Finals.

  1. Performance over 60 points by Elgin Baylor
    Of the 68 performances that scored more than 60 points, there is only one performance that happened in the NBA Finals. It is Elgin Baylor of the Lakers who scored 61 points against the Celtics in game 5 of the Finals 1962.
    The Lakers won that match with a score of 126-121 but lost the series and missed the championship to the Celtics. Baylor is also the player who holds the record for the number of Finals appearances but has no record.
  2. The most special MVP Finals
    MVP Finals’ title was firstly awarded in 1969. At that time, Jerry West of the Lakers was the talented player who received the honor.
    West is also the only MVP Finals to play for the losing team in the final. At that year, the Lakers lost to the Celtics in game 7. West scored 42 points, 13 rebounds, and 12 assists for that match.
  1. Young and oldest player to win the NBA championship ring
    Darko Milicic was a “bomb” full of surprise at the NBA Draft of all time, but still got the NBA Championship trophy with the Detroit Pistons (season 2003-04) when he was at the age of 18.

Meanwhile, the oldest player to have the chance to win the prestigious Larry O’Brien trophy was Robert Parish when he was 43 years old and was playing for Chicago Bulls 1996-97.



Lionel Messi was born in Rosario, Argentina 32 years ago. For the very first time, no one bore a thought that Messi will have such a successful football career as today. 

Throughout his professional football career, Messi has always been put in a comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo, another legendary football player who is enlisted in Juventus Club. Even during this decade, gaining The Golden Ball has always been considered as a competition between Messi and Ronaldo.

Messi can totally be proud of his endless titles and champions. Especially in Champions League, Messi has won 4 times as a Barcelona player.

However, Lionel Messi’s private life has still remained a puzzle to many football fans. How does it look like?

The first contract on a handkerchief

Who can ever think that the first professional football contract between Messi and Barcelona was dealt on a handkerchief. This deal took place on the 14th, December 2000, when Messi was just at the age of 13.

At that time, The Sports manager of Barca, Carles Rexach, had set up an appointment with Messi’s father, Mrs. Jorge, to discuss some terms of the contract. As time rushed, Rexach did not have enough time to prepare for a meticulous contract for Messi. 

Finally, the very first contract of Messi was conducted on a handkerchief. The full contract is now displayed in the Barcelona Museum. At that time, who could ever think of this handkerchief as the most precious document in the football world?

The fateful meet between Messi and Barcelona

Not as many rumors, the enlist of Messi in Barcelona was totally the determination of the club to pay medical fees for Messi. In fact, the local authority and Oldell’s Old Boys have also sponsored for treating Messi’s private health condition.