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YOU MAY NOT KNOW – the fun fact of the name Manchester United

  1. Full name: Manchester United.
  2. Abbreviated name: – Man Utd; United; Man United; The Red Devils; Red Devils; The Reds; Reds; MU.

Among these calling methods, Man Utd and United are the two most used by homepage in articles. United is also the way that the homepage is always used to display the results of matches. If the full names are not used, the names Man Utd and United are most recommended.

The Red Devils, Red Devils and Reds are obviously used a lot.

The name The Reds is still used a lot by the homepage (myself is the translator of many articles on the homepage and draws this comment). Referring to the name of The Reds, some people might think of Liverpool club, but the reality shows that Manchester United is still called The Reds by many people, as well as the name of the Reds that is disputed between the two clubs.

Besides, the name MU, I see that Vietnamese fans use a lot, but in fact, the club also uses that name (although not in the articles), so many new names are under the copyright of the club such as MUFC, MUTV. , MU Mobile … These copyright names are used right on the homepage of That’s why I think this name is still reasonable.

The names are NOT considered valid and even absolutely NOT used to call the club and the fan club:

  1. Manucian

On forums often use the word “Manucian” to refer to MU fans.

The word “Manucian” has absolutely no meaning from the English dictionary. That is just the way Vietnamese football fans give it to fans of the Red Devils. Simply by the tail “-cian” is often used to refer to people.

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Top 10 interesting facts about sports you may not know (part 02)

5. There are 336 dimples on the golf ball
Have you ever asked why a golf ball is designed with so many indents? The answer is that these dents are researched and designed by scientists to answer the obstacles of aerodynamics, helping the golf ball to fly the best, in accordance with the requirements and properties of the precious sport this race.

Professional football matches have the biggest difference
Professional football game has the biggest difference in history is 149 – 0. This score was established in the Madagascar league in November 2002. At that time, AS Adema team won against Stade Olympique de L’emyrne when the opponent repeatedly kicked their own goal to protest the referee’s decision in the previous match.

Volleyball player possesses a record height
According to Titans Volleyball, Wuttichai Suksala – Thailand’s volleyball player leads this list. Wuttichai was born in 1995, he is 2m22 tall and possesses impressive parameters: turn on attack 3m50, turn on spot 3m35.

The longest tennis match in history
70 – 68 was the final result in the 5th set of the match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut in the first round of Wimbledon 2010. The match took place in 3 days, finally ending after 11 hours 5 minutes with the victory belongs to Isner.

The most expensive Olympics
It was the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the Olympics with a total budget of up to 51 billion USD. The reason for this is that Sochi has built almost completely new sports centers, gymnasiums, athletes’ villages as well as infrastructure and transportation. Meanwhile, the previous Winter Olympics held in Vancouver 2010 cost only $ 8.7 billion.

Sports Fun

Top 10 interesting facts about sports you may not know

1. Olympic flag
The five intertwined circles of blue, black, red, yellow, and green on the Olympic flag are known to represent the five continents on the globe. But not everyone knows that of all the countries participating in the Olympics, the flag of any country has at least 1 out of 5 colors on the Olympic flag. Whether it was the designer’s arrangement or the coincidence, but it was an interesting coincidence.

Fencing duels in Paraguay
The martial arts mastery of fencing has become popular and is widely known. Fencing today is not like what we see in movies where athletes are completely safe with protective clothing and are specially designed to avoid dealing high damage. But in Paraguay there is still sword fighting as in the past, as long as the two sides ensure the contract is signed, there is enough blood to donate when injured.
2. Baseball referee
There is a pretty interesting fact about those who hold the balance in this most popular sport in the United States, that is the referee’s clothes. In addition to the uniform clothes, they also have to match … underwear. All the referees in this sport must wear black underwear in case the pants are … torn.
3. Babe Ruth
For those who love baseball and follow it, surely no stranger to the name Babe Ruth. The legendary Babe Ruth, outside the record 60 points directly, he has a rather strange habit. That’s how to cool your head during each match by placing a cabbage leaf under the hat. Every 2 turns, he swapped cabbage leaves once.



You can be a sports enthusiast ready to spend the whole night with top-notch live matches, get a clue of all types of sports charts, completely confident of your own knowledge in the sport. certain, but the following unexpected facts can still make you completely “be taken aback”.

  1. The Olympic gold medal is actually mostly made of … silver
    The gold medal at the 1912 Olympics was the last gold medal made purely with gold. The current gold medal is made from 93% silver, 6% copper, and only 1% (equivalent to 6 grams) of premium gold. However, at the 2012 Olympic Games, the organizers actively increased the golden ratio to … 400 grams. Each 2012 Olympic gold medal is worth approximately 1571 USD. It is known that if being made entirely of gold, it may cost up to … 20,000 USD.
  2. Have you heard the story of a magical swimsuit?
    The current swimsuit has been produced completed perfectly to the point where the material’s speed of movement makes the swimwear even faster than the skin’s movement speed. The seamless swimsuit (stretching from the neck to the ankle) is therefore controversial because, since its introduction in 2000, the world swimming record has been continuously broken.
  3. The first person to play sports on the moon
    Astronaut Alan Bartlett Shepard (1923 – 1998) was the first person to play golf on the moon because he secretly brought a golf ball and a golf club during the NASA Apollo 14 moon mission in 1971. Alan is the first American astronaut, the second astronaut of the world (after Youri Gagarin) and the fifth person to set foot on the Moon.