Frozing all sports tournaments of football, basketball, tennis, MMA,.. due to the outbreak of Covid-19 did not only cause the revenue loss to sports clubs but also other related business firms are affected.

Among all of them, the betting field is one of the most badly-affected field, which used to be considered legal in a lot of nations. According to BBC, the betting revenue in the East Africa has dropped up to 99%.

To settle this problem, many betting markets had to figure out alternative ways to earn a living. In Russia, many betting markets allowed bettors to play bet on events which are not relevant to sports, such as on the topic of when the pandemic-preventive vaccines will be produced. During this hard time, a lot of markets opted for a risky solution for bettors to play bet on rarely-hold plays, or even though they are just.. rehearsals.

This is a real story which took place in Sweden, when all the matches between amateur plays are still allowed, however behind the closed door. To be more specific, during the beginning of this week, this club has been playing for the top 7 tournament in Sweden, which is Skabersjo IF. The team has the rehearsal with Vastra Ingelstad IS. 

Answering the Associated Press News (AP), the present of Skabersjo club – Mr. Mattias Andersson revealed that before the play, there had been a lot of people coming from Hungary, Denmark, England and several Asian countries making contact with their team with the viewing to asking for detailed information, such as the teams’ strategies.

After the match, Mr. Mattias thought that these people might belong to certain football betting markets. Mr. Mattias also revealed that the whole team had been given many threats in field of betting.