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Loss of revenue due to Covid-19, almost 150 football markets decided to involve in amateur tournaments

As most of professional football tournaments have come to a halt due to the wide spread of pandemic Covid-19, many worldwide football markets are trying to gain more revenue by involving in numerous tournaments, whether they are amateur or friendly ones.

According to Sweden Press, recently, the friendly match between the Sweden 7th ranked team Esk Whileuna and Naeshulta Goif – the 8th ranked one has attracted more than 150 football markets to care about and spring up the betting issues on it. Previously, there had rarely been any football markets keeping an eye on this match.

The members of 2 Clubs have received many calls in regarding of the match’s situation from numerous countries all over the world such as HongKong, England, Macau, French, Germany or America…

The representative of Naeshulta Club has recently made contact with Svenska Spel, the Sweden exclusively national betting company to ask for consultation. And they were surprised to be announced that there have been at least 148 football markets offering odds of their friendly match. 

Because of the tender care from worldwide football markets, 2 clubs has been worrying about the odds arranging beforehands issue. Therefore, both of them decided to cancel that match, which was previously planned to take place in the 30th, March.

After then, the match was reconnected and secretly held on the 4th, April. All members of 2 clubs made contact through a closed chat room on Facebook and were forced not to lack any information about the match. At the end of the match, Esk Whileuna won Naeshulta 6-3. There were just a few fans of 2 clubs coming and spectating the match.

Until now, Covid-19 has made unexpected impact on 208 nations in total and the number of people infected was 1 million 200.