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  1. Story about basketball
    The first basket used in basketball was a peach basket and the backboard was a wire mesh.
    The diameter of a basketball is half the diameter of the basket.
    The two tallest athletes ever to compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA for short) are Manute Bol (Sudanese) and Gheorghe Muresan (Italian), both are 2.31m tall.
  2. The volleyball ball is taken from the gut of a basketball ball
    When William G. Morgan invented the first volleyball in 1895, he tried using basketball in it but found it too heavy. He then decided to use only the elastic rubber inside the ball.
  3. Chess and the unexpected number of checkpoints
    From the opening position, there are 8 different ways to check just in 2 moves and 355 different ways to check just in 3 moves. Also, one more interesting piece of information: the word “Checkmate” meaning Checkmate in chess is derived from the Arabic phrase “Shah Mat”, which means “king of the dead.
  4. A turkey dish in bowling?
    The term ‘Strike’ is used when you toss all 10 pins on the first throw, the player will be awarded 10 points, plus a bonus score equal to the number of points gained on the next frame with 2 throws. 2 Strike results in a row will be called “Double”, and 3 consecutive Strike results will be called “Turkey”.
    If more Strike is thrown, the suffix “bagger” + the number of Strike hits will be used, eg, “four-bagger” (4 consecutive Strike) or “five-bagger” (5 consecutive Strike). With 6 Strike results in a row, one can be called “Six Pack” or “Wild Turkeys”. 9 Strike was called consecutively with the name “Golden Turkeys”.