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Interesting facts about golf you probably didn’t know (part 02)

  • The ability to gain HIO (par 3) of a normal golfer is about 1/12500. While the score of -4 below par, or HIO par is as rare as the two consecutive HIO phases mentioned above with the rate of 1 in 67 million.
  • There are currently only 2 subjects played by humans on the moon, which are golf and javelin throwing. The person with the honor of using the 6-sided iron rod of Ms. Hang named Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr., an American astronaut.
    Before golf tee was introduced and became popular, golfers had to play on the sand dunes they built themselves.
  • If you do not use a tram, on average, with 18 holes of golf course you have traveled approximately 6.5km, burning about 400 calories. Normally, Vietnam’s golf courses do not encourage walking because tram cars reduce the time to travel on the course quite a lot.
  • The first 18-hole golf course in the US was located on a sheep farm in Downer’s Grove, Illinois in 1892. Currently the golf course is still in operation even though it has been reduced to 9 holes.
  • The Chinese government banned the construction of new golf courses a few years ago, however this did not prevent the city and the community from building them. To circumvent the law, the developers did not mention golf course construction in their plans.
    Knowing a little more is not really anyone, reading after 2 minutes you can have interesting quizzes to tell on clubhouse. Wish golfer has a bogey-free day, and don’t forget to call Alegolf us to get a good price.
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YOU MAY NOT KNOW – the fun fact of the name Manchester United

  1. Full name: Manchester United.
  2. Abbreviated name: – Man Utd; United; Man United; The Red Devils; Red Devils; The Reds; Reds; MU.

Among these calling methods, Man Utd and United are the two most used by homepage in articles. United is also the way that the homepage is always used to display the results of matches. If the full names are not used, the names Man Utd and United are most recommended.

The Red Devils, Red Devils and Reds are obviously used a lot.

The name The Reds is still used a lot by the homepage (myself is the translator of many articles on the homepage and draws this comment). Referring to the name of The Reds, some people might think of Liverpool club, but the reality shows that Manchester United is still called The Reds by many people, as well as the name of the Reds that is disputed between the two clubs.

Besides, the name MU, I see that Vietnamese fans use a lot, but in fact, the club also uses that name (although not in the articles), so many new names are under the copyright of the club such as MUFC, MUTV. , MU Mobile … These copyright names are used right on the homepage of That’s why I think this name is still reasonable.

The names are NOT considered valid and even absolutely NOT used to call the club and the fan club:

  1. Manucian

On forums often use the word “Manucian” to refer to MU fans.

The word “Manucian” has absolutely no meaning from the English dictionary. That is just the way Vietnamese football fans give it to fans of the Red Devils. Simply by the tail “-cian” is often used to refer to people.

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15 interesting facts very few people know about football

In football, there are many interesting facts that few people notice. Here are some stories like that.

  1. In 1967, the two sides in the civil war in Nigeria have ceased the war for 2 days, to monitor the friendly match of “King of Football” Pele took place in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.
  2. 149-0 is the biggest score in a professional football match. It took place in the Madagascar National Championship in November 2002, which was the victory of Stade Olympique de L’emyrne against rival AS Adema because the opponent repeatedly kicked an own goal to protest the referee’s decision in the previous match.
  3. The maximum number of goals scored by a player in a professional match is 16 goals. That achievement belongs to Stephan Stanis, in the Lens club match (France) in December 1942.
  4. The youngest professional player in the world is Bryce Brites. When he was recruited by Racing Boxberg (Belgium), Bryce was just … 20 months old.
  5. 27 professional football teams in the world take the name of the Beatles’ songs as their nicknames. Among them, the most famous is Villarreal with the song “Yellow Submarine”.
  6. The largest football tournament in the world has 5,098 teams participating. It was the 7th Stadium tournament held in Bangkok, Thailand in 1999. There are about 35,000 players participating in the competition.
  7. FIFA World Federation has more members (209 members) than the United Nations (193 members).
  8. When the World Cup was held in the US in 1994, they spent only 30 million dollars to improve the infrastructure for the game. In 2014, Brazil spent $ 11 billion on the World Cup.
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Sports betting being frozen, the banker in the US lured guests into placing a bet on sharks (part 02)

It was not until he read an article in Forbes about this did Mr. Fischer break down and asked the bookmaker to stop organizing betting on sharks.
Mr. Fischer emphasized that, although he believed that MyBookie had made a mistake this time, he did not dare to claim that betting and conservation – which are seemingly unrelated to each other – would not be cooperated in the future.

“At first, I thought, we can’t do science and bet at the same time. But this is a new way of thinking. And if you are a thorough thinker, you will ask yourself: ‘How to execute this transparently, “said Mr. Fischer
This is not the first time did wildlife become the subject of gambling. In 2015, the famous British bookmaker William Hill used to team up with the UK ornithology fund to hold a betting deal with 17 cuckoo birds during the spring migration. As part of the event, the house offered £ 1,000 for raising fund and a William Hill spokesman said the purpose of the competition was to raise awareness about the cuckoo birds.
Another bookmaker also organized a bet based on the journey of a leather back turtle from Costa Rica to the Galapagos Islands in 2007, according to David Strauss, the leader of MyBookie.
Solution for conservation costs?
Since most sports are delayed, Mr. Strauss was inspired by events in 2007 and 2015 to hold new interesting betting deals for his customers.

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Singapore Pools organizes betting for all the football tournaments and champions all over the world, national football tournaments of some developed football nations in Europe, Asia, Australia and Singapore. Nowadays, on the official website of Singapore Pools, many “king of sports” addicts who are fond of betting can place bet on tournaments and matches in UEFA Champions League, Europa League and other national tournaments, whether they are competing or friendly ones of England, French, Italia, Japan, Korea, Spain and Singapore.  

Hosting and organizing professional football tournaments and being the first to turn football betting into legal  in the South East Asia, it comes as no surprise when on the list of the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) during the period from 2001-2011, S-League of Singapore always stands in top 1 of the region (ranked 82th), above V-League of Vietnam (ranked 88th), Thai-League of Thailand (ranked 89th), Malaysia Super League of Malaysia (ranked 91th)…

Is this a “two-edged sword”?

It is the high time for the South East Asia regions to take football betting into consideration seriously to turn it into legal. However, if this is not executed carefully, football betting will be a “two-edged” sword, as the football development of many Asia regions would be threatened or stand on the edge of cancelling when players and organizers are aimed to be the “preys” of greedy bettors.

During a court to deal with the darkside in China football, referee Huang Junjie was announced to come up with a 7-year sentence as being involved in serious football cheats for betting. Typically, in the friendly match between Shanghai Club and Manchester United in 2007, a football market in Hong Kong requested Huang to set up the match with the final gap score must be 5 goals for M.U.

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In South Asia, football betting is no longer a big deal which has appeared in many nations such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and recently, Cambodia. However, football betting is considered to thrive most successfully in Singapore with the renowned betting firm named Singapore Pools, one of the biggest sponsors for S-League.

The betting activities taking place in Singapore have been legalized since 1968 with the establishment of Singapore Pools. According to the regulations of Singapore Pools, the participators who take part in any types of betting, casinos or lottery need to be at least 18 years old. Nowadays, there are several types of betting which Singapore Pools has been organizing, including football betting, bet on the Formula One Race (F1), 4-Digits (4D), Toto and the latest, Scratchit with the price of 1,2,5 and 10 SGD and Sweep with the price of 3 SGD.

The customers of Singapore Pools can also sign up the golden or platinum PoolzConnect account to play bet or buy “numbers” via telephones. However, the compulsory requirement for players is that they must  be over 21 years old. The golden accounts are opened for foreigners under the financial condition that they must afford at least 250 SGD in their bank account, while the platinum accounts are only tailored for Singaporean. 

In betting on sports, Singapore only puts limit on the minimum bet which is 5 SGD, there is no maximum one. The winner of any plays and bets which rewarded prize is below 5.000 SGD will be given the money via bank account, or via cheque only if the prize is over 5.000 SGD. Singapore government believes that, by this way. taxes on personal income can greatly be under control.

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Loss of revenue due to Covid-19, almost 150 football markets decided to involve in amateur tournaments

As most of professional football tournaments have come to a halt due to the wide spread of pandemic Covid-19, many worldwide football markets are trying to gain more revenue by involving in numerous tournaments, whether they are amateur or friendly ones.

According to Sweden Press, recently, the friendly match between the Sweden 7th ranked team Esk Whileuna and Naeshulta Goif – the 8th ranked one has attracted more than 150 football markets to care about and spring up the betting issues on it. Previously, there had rarely been any football markets keeping an eye on this match.

The members of 2 Clubs have received many calls in regarding of the match’s situation from numerous countries all over the world such as HongKong, England, Macau, French, Germany or America…

The representative of Naeshulta Club has recently made contact with Svenska Spel, the Sweden exclusively national betting company to ask for consultation. And they were surprised to be announced that there have been at least 148 football markets offering odds of their friendly match. 

Because of the tender care from worldwide football markets, 2 clubs has been worrying about the odds arranging beforehands issue. Therefore, both of them decided to cancel that match, which was previously planned to take place in the 30th, March.

After then, the match was reconnected and secretly held on the 4th, April. All members of 2 clubs made contact through a closed chat room on Facebook and were forced not to lack any information about the match. At the end of the match, Esk Whileuna won Naeshulta 6-3. There were just a few fans of 2 clubs coming and spectating the match.

Until now, Covid-19 has made unexpected impact on 208 nations in total and the number of people infected was 1 million 200.

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Football Betting Tips for Beginners (part 1)

Currently, the demand for betting, online football betting is on the rise. Therefore, the demand to learn football betting experience is also increasing rapidly. And before you enter a bet, you need to understand the rules of the game as well as some experience to improve your chances of winning.

Carefully consider before betting football

No matter what odds you bet on, understanding and calculating the match information is an important job you cannot ignore. This is an important football betting experience, but not everyone knows it.

To be able to study the match, you need to understand the situation of the force, team information, performance and class of both owners and guests. Also, read the research and comments of reputable experts. After a few times, once you get used to it, studying the game will not be too difficult for you.

For example, Manchester United (the team you choose) has a higher level than Leicester City, and MU is at the peak of its form (4 wins 1 draw in the last 5 matches) and has the strongest squad (no players) injured pillars). These are all factors that show the team’s high ability to win.

Also, if your rafters are two teams on a par, find out the confrontation history of both teams. For matches where both teams are on equal footing, you need to pay close attention to the current performance of both teams.

According to the betting experience of the betting specialist, before making a bet, the more information you have, the better your chances of winning. These will be important bases for you to make the most accurate decision.

Do not choose a strong team with a low bet

When betting or rafting, you should not be too eager to bet with strong teams. However, choosing strong teams will help you have more chances to win, because this is easily predictable.

Besides, because it is too easy to guess, the number of people who choose a strong team will also be higher, the rafters will be lower. As researched above, if you gamble in a crowd, you run the risk.

Remember, betting on football is a high risk game. According to the soccer betting experience of the veteran players, split the bet amount, do not put your luck on a specific odds, because you will probably lose it all!

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Sports Betting Takes Technology Products to The Next Level

The US Supreme Court’s legalization of sports betting in May 2018 was a leverage. It promotes the online betting industry to create artificial intelligence products and high technology applications.

In a country where the amount of illegal sports betting is up to $ 150 billion a year like in the US, developing a highly interactive online betting app will bring a huge profit to the corporations. Technology delegation. 4 years ago, Israel’s WSC Group started a close relationship with NBA in the application of AVGEN technology. They create highlights videos, synthesize remarkable situations in basketball games automatically, even after the situation ends.

These highlights videos sparked interest in the fans to predict the next evolution of the match, thereby betting on the possibilities. It is the success of WSC Sports that motivates other technology businesses such as VSiN and Optimove to invest more heavily in online sports betting.

While sports betting has been developing in Europe for many years, the US is considered a new market after the PASPA was officially wiped out in 2018. That’s why so many reputable betting companies. in Europe has flocked to North America to carry out investment projects. In contrast, a lot of US media are oriented towards development. For example, they created sportsbooks for users to access and bet on whatever sports they want.

Right in the NBA, WSC Sports will automatically send videos of the match’s most notable situations to the fan’s facebook account. This makes fans feel excited, curious to predict the situation that will happen next in the match. Based on the history of past visits, the betting app will display the information that fans are interested in. This is not only the direction of WSC Sports in online betting, but also the common operation of some popular service packages in the world such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.