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The smartphone can now open the bookmaker website and watch live football while betting. This has made the British government very angry and frustrated.

Not a long time ago, the Football Association of England (FA) had to make an arrangement with the British government to talk about their application of betting app, Bet365 for specific directly on mobile phones through the website of this bookmaker.

This means anyone can play gamble and bet via their smartphones and deposit money via their cards to take part in various online bets anytime, anywhere.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesperson said: “The FA needs to take this under great consideration again.”

In 2017, when the FA cooperated with some bookmakers, they have spread and installed “apps” everywhere. This has been heavily criticized at that time.
During the recent arrangement, the FA had had to describe and give detailed information about how this system works in cooperation with other bookmakers to the British government and Parliament. Private Sports Minister Nigel Adams revealed that the British government was angry about this and offered the FA to find an alternative option. If it is necessary, the contracts between the FA and bookmakers will need to be invalidated beforehand.

Nigel Adams added that the FA will not be allowed to sign any new contracts after its six-year contract with the previous partner.
The British Government can not accept the live match being streamed on this bookmaker.
Minister Nigel Adams said: ‚ÄúSports organizations are free to make a profit and find commercial partners for their products like television or social media partners. But the sports governing body must be strict to rules, especially, to fight against the bad crisis of betting.”