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15 interesting facts about NBA (part 03)

  1. Anonymous MVP Finals

Cedric Maxwell is perhaps the least-known MVP Finals in NBA history. He led the Celtics to the championship in 1981. However, what is special about Maxwell is that the only player to receive MVP Finals but never once voted into the All-Star.

  1. The ultimate quartet at the Finals

The 2017 Finals series marks the first time that four players have averaged over 25 points per game in the Finals. These are Stephen Curry (26.8), Kevin Durant (35.2), LeBron James (33.6) and Kyrie Irving (29.4).

  1. Teams into Finals for 4 consecutive years

During the 72-year history of the NBA, only 5 teams entered the NBA Finals for four or more consecutive years:

  • Boston Celtics 1957-66 (won 9, lost 1).
  • Boston Celtics 1984-87 (won 2, lost 2).
  • LA Lakers 1982-85 (won 2, lost 2).
  • Miami Heat 2011-14 (won 2, lost 2).
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 2015-18 (won 1, lost 2).
  • Golden State Warriors 2015-18 (won 2, lost 1).
  1. Great rivalries Lakers vs Celtics

In a total of 72 NBA finals, the Lakers or the Celtics have played 40 times. The total number of championships the two teams have is 33. The two have faced each other 12 times in the NBA Finals. The Lakers won 3, the Celtics won 9.

  1. “Super dark horse” of the NBA

The team with the lowest ranking ever to win the NBA championship was the Houston Rockets in 1995. With a record of 47-35, the Rockets ranked 6th in the West that year. The Rockets also keep the record for the only team to win without getting home advantage in any round.