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Interesting facts about golf you probably didn’t know (part 02)

  • The ability to gain HIO (par 3) of a normal golfer is about 1/12500. While the score of -4 below par, or HIO par is as rare as the two consecutive HIO phases mentioned above with the rate of 1 in 67 million.
  • There are currently only 2 subjects played by humans on the moon, which are golf and javelin throwing. The person with the honor of using the 6-sided iron rod of Ms. Hang named Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr., an American astronaut.
    Before golf tee was introduced and became popular, golfers had to play on the sand dunes they built themselves.
  • If you do not use a tram, on average, with 18 holes of golf course you have traveled approximately 6.5km, burning about 400 calories. Normally, Vietnam’s golf courses do not encourage walking because tram cars reduce the time to travel on the course quite a lot.
  • The first 18-hole golf course in the US was located on a sheep farm in Downer’s Grove, Illinois in 1892. Currently the golf course is still in operation even though it has been reduced to 9 holes.
  • The Chinese government banned the construction of new golf courses a few years ago, however this did not prevent the city and the community from building them. To circumvent the law, the developers did not mention golf course construction in their plans.
    Knowing a little more is not really anyone, reading after 2 minutes you can have interesting quizzes to tell on clubhouse. Wish golfer has a bogey-free day, and don’t forget to call Alegolf us to get a good price.
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Interesting facts about golf you probably didn’t know (to be continued)

After an afternoon wandering to pick up the ball on the training ground, Alegolf collected a basket of “truths” about golf. Maybe golfer has heard most of the interesting statistics below but may find the forgotten things. The lost information when recovered brings an interesting feeling like setting a field for our comrades and discovering that the whole group is always enjoying our preferential treatment.

  • Caddy in golf comes from “le Cadet” in French meaning “the youngest child in the family”
    In the year 1914 during World War I, caddy had become so arrogant that the British experimented with dogs as bat bearers. (The picture was not taken at WWI but the reader can imagine how a dog is a caddy)
  • The golf ball will go further on hot days because the air is then less dense, making the ball less friction.
    In terms of distance, the farthest drive was taken by Anglo-American golfer Michael Hoke Austin when he scored a record 471m (515 yards).
  • In the beginning, golf balls were made of wood, of course their durability was not high.
    Sometimes, golf balls were made of leather and feathers or goose feathers and sold for 10 to 20 dollars.
  • The ball is cheaper and the first day golfer is rich. There are 125,000 golf balls being beaten into the water at the 17th hole of Sawgrass Stadium every year.
  • Female golfer Kassandra Komma from Oakland University has a record of scoring 2 holes in one in a match in the first 9 holes. Both are listed in par3, the 3rd hole with a distance of 162m and the 7th with a distance of 99m.
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The funniest accidents in football history: Mixing milk, shaving is also involved

Besides terrible injuries on the pitch, football world has also witnessed unexpected and equally rare accidents. Here are the funniest injuries in football history.

Millwall’s É and Cardiff City’s É
  1. Asensio retired because of… acne

In the 2017/18 season, Real Madrid made a trip with APOEL in the Champions League, but coach Zidane could not register young star Marco Asensio on the list. Not that the injury is too heavy, but the Spaniard has a pimple growing in his leg, making it impossible for him to … pull up his socks.

After being examined by the medical department, Asensio was determined to have an infection caused by acne, caused by the hair of his legs. Anyway, the player cannot play and Coach Zidane can do nothing more.

  1. A broken leg because of golf

World football perhaps few people are as unlucky as midfielder Alan Tate, when he was in Swansea in the Premier League. This player enjoyed a short vacation to a local golf course, and returned with a broken leg… which took him 6 months to recover.

Specifically, Tate, while moving by a dedicated car on the golf course, had a problem with the car losing control and his feet hit directly … the tree trunk. This is a huge loss for the Swans, when they just got to the Premier League and Alan Tate is an irreplaceable pillar (Swansea vice captain). Attention Gareth Bale.

  1. Injury because … mixed milk

In 2006 in a Sunderland shirt, striker Kevin Kyle probably had the most horrifying experience of his career, in an attempt to take care of his 8-month-old son. Black Cat’s striker was at home heating water to make milk for the prince, when suddenly his son Max Kyle splashed water all over the floor, causing Kevin Kyle to slip on his face.

As a result, striker Sunderland suffered burns to his thighs and … testicles, was transferred straight to the hospital and had to take a short time off. After this incident, both the father and the son lie in one place for the mother to take care of.

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Funny scene kick missed the ball and self, Lewandowski still … asked for a penalty

Striker Robert Lewandowski was the highlight of Bayern Munich’s 1-1 draw against Union Berlin in round 11 of the German Championship (Bundesliga) on the morning of December 13.
Underestimated, but host Union Berlin surprised again when the goal opened in the 4th minute by Grischa Promel. The defeat forced Bayern Munich to push the squad to equalize.

goalkeeper Robin Zentner of 1. FSV Mainz 05 during the Pre-season Friendly match between 1.FSV Mainz 05 and Rayo Vallecano at Sportzentrum Worgl on July 17, 2019 in Worgl, Austria(Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)

The visitors were looking for a goal in every possible way, from long range, close shot, short ball combination, long pass. Or even a “killer” like Lewandowski still has to try to ask for a penalty even though he himself … falls.
That was the situation in the 24th minute. From Goretzka’s precise pass, the Polish striker escaped and entered the Union Berlin penalty area. Faced with goalkeeper Andreas Luthe, Lewandowski did not hesitate to launch a shot. But before he could touch the ball, he fell and immediately raised his hand for a penalty.
The referee initially pointed at the 11-meter spot because from a distance it appeared that Marvin Friedrich had collided with Lewandowski. But then when he consulted the VAR, he canceled this decision. Slow shot showed that Friedrich did lightly touch Lewandowski, but the impact was not enough. Besides, Lewandowski himself somewhat fell after kicking … missed the ball.
On social networks, many fans wondered whether Lewandowski was true or deliberately fell to earn a penalty. Account Galdalf Noot commented: “Probably not on purpose, because it is clear that scoring in this ball is easier than a penalty.” Another user commented: “Someone explain why Lewandowski fell for me?”.
Fortunately, although there was no penalty, the Polish striker still found an equalizer for Bayern in the second half with a subtle finish. But “Gray Lobster” was unable to have a comeback and accepted a 1-1 draw against Union Berlin.
In another noteworthy match, Dortmund, despite playing at home, suddenly let rookie Stuttgart “bury” to 5-1.

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Arsenal humorous shopping: Africa Star left the “Gunners” prices increased by 50 times

Arsenal has made one of the most regrettable decisions to sell in the history of this team.
AC Milan midfielder Ismael Bennacer recently said he was not too sad about leaving Arsenal for only £ 900,000. According to Calciomeracto, the Algerian star is one of the most regretful deals in Arsenal history.

While the Emirates Stadium team is experiencing their most forgettable start in 39 years in the Premier League in 14th place, their ex-midfielder Ismael Bennacer flies high with AC Milan at the top of Serie A.
Like Serge Gnabry, Ismael Bennacer is the name that makes “Gunners” fans regret. Joining Arsenal since he was an unknown talent at the French team Arles, Bennacer is expected to be the future “conductor” at Emirates. However, Arsenal proved too wasteful to not give a player born in 1997 any chance to play during two years in the London football team.
Too depressed to only play for the youth team, Bennacer asked to leave to seek an environment to give him more opportunities to play. A loan agreement was prepared and Bennacer was returned to France for Tours.
Only 16 appearances for Tours is more than enough for Bennacer to make BLD Empoli convinced by his talent. Bennacer’s adventure in England stopped when Arsenal decided to sell the midfielder to Empoli for a mere £ 900,000.

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Fact-check: Ronaldo flees and fake news

The epidemic cast a bleak shadow on European football when a series of tournaments were postponed and that was also a condition for fake news or untested information to spread.
European football experienced an unprecedented nightmare called the corona virus. Three weeks ago, Italy recorded only 3 cases of Covid-19. The matches still flooded the audience. Millions of people watched Cristiano Ronaldo score their opponents through the screen.

Now Italy is the largest outbreak in Europe with more than 15,000 cases, more than 1,000 deaths. Bringing the outbreak in Italy is an increase in the number of infections in Spain, Germany, France and even the UK, the countries that own the top national leagues in Europe.
Disease confusion also becomes a condition for fake news to break out.

first. Liverpool lost the Premier League title because of Covid-19

Incorrect. There is no information to confirm this prospect will come to the top team of the Premier League. The organizers of the highest level tournament in the land of the fog have just discussed the Covid-19 anti-epidemic plan and decided that the matches are still happening normally on the field with an audience.
The plan to postpone, even finish early, has never been discussed. This prospect is just a joke for fans in England, who have used Liverpool empty-handed in the Premier League for 30 years to provoke fans of the port city football team.
Then, the lack of prestige news sites in the UK reported sensational news to attract readers. At this time, Liverpool only needs to add 6 points / 12 rounds to win the championship, regardless of the results of the opponents chasing.

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YOU MAY NOT KNOW – the fun fact of the name Manchester United

  1. Full name: Manchester United.
  2. Abbreviated name: – Man Utd; United; Man United; The Red Devils; Red Devils; The Reds; Reds; MU.

Among these calling methods, Man Utd and United are the two most used by homepage in articles. United is also the way that the homepage is always used to display the results of matches. If the full names are not used, the names Man Utd and United are most recommended.

The Red Devils, Red Devils and Reds are obviously used a lot.

The name The Reds is still used a lot by the homepage (myself is the translator of many articles on the homepage and draws this comment). Referring to the name of The Reds, some people might think of Liverpool club, but the reality shows that Manchester United is still called The Reds by many people, as well as the name of the Reds that is disputed between the two clubs.

Besides, the name MU, I see that Vietnamese fans use a lot, but in fact, the club also uses that name (although not in the articles), so many new names are under the copyright of the club such as MUFC, MUTV. , MU Mobile … These copyright names are used right on the homepage of That’s why I think this name is still reasonable.

The names are NOT considered valid and even absolutely NOT used to call the club and the fan club:

  1. Manucian

On forums often use the word “Manucian” to refer to MU fans.

The word “Manucian” has absolutely no meaning from the English dictionary. That is just the way Vietnamese football fans give it to fans of the Red Devils. Simply by the tail “-cian” is often used to refer to people.

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Top 10 interesting facts about sports you may not know (part 02)

5. There are 336 dimples on the golf ball
Have you ever asked why a golf ball is designed with so many indents? The answer is that these dents are researched and designed by scientists to answer the obstacles of aerodynamics, helping the golf ball to fly the best, in accordance with the requirements and properties of the precious sport this race.

Professional football matches have the biggest difference
Professional football game has the biggest difference in history is 149 – 0. This score was established in the Madagascar league in November 2002. At that time, AS Adema team won against Stade Olympique de L’emyrne when the opponent repeatedly kicked their own goal to protest the referee’s decision in the previous match.

Volleyball player possesses a record height
According to Titans Volleyball, Wuttichai Suksala – Thailand’s volleyball player leads this list. Wuttichai was born in 1995, he is 2m22 tall and possesses impressive parameters: turn on attack 3m50, turn on spot 3m35.

The longest tennis match in history
70 – 68 was the final result in the 5th set of the match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut in the first round of Wimbledon 2010. The match took place in 3 days, finally ending after 11 hours 5 minutes with the victory belongs to Isner.

The most expensive Olympics
It was the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the Olympics with a total budget of up to 51 billion USD. The reason for this is that Sochi has built almost completely new sports centers, gymnasiums, athletes’ villages as well as infrastructure and transportation. Meanwhile, the previous Winter Olympics held in Vancouver 2010 cost only $ 8.7 billion.

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Top 10 interesting facts about sports you may not know

1. Olympic flag
The five intertwined circles of blue, black, red, yellow, and green on the Olympic flag are known to represent the five continents on the globe. But not everyone knows that of all the countries participating in the Olympics, the flag of any country has at least 1 out of 5 colors on the Olympic flag. Whether it was the designer’s arrangement or the coincidence, but it was an interesting coincidence.

Fencing duels in Paraguay
The martial arts mastery of fencing has become popular and is widely known. Fencing today is not like what we see in movies where athletes are completely safe with protective clothing and are specially designed to avoid dealing high damage. But in Paraguay there is still sword fighting as in the past, as long as the two sides ensure the contract is signed, there is enough blood to donate when injured.
2. Baseball referee
There is a pretty interesting fact about those who hold the balance in this most popular sport in the United States, that is the referee’s clothes. In addition to the uniform clothes, they also have to match … underwear. All the referees in this sport must wear black underwear in case the pants are … torn.
3. Babe Ruth
For those who love baseball and follow it, surely no stranger to the name Babe Ruth. The legendary Babe Ruth, outside the record 60 points directly, he has a rather strange habit. That’s how to cool your head during each match by placing a cabbage leaf under the hat. Every 2 turns, he swapped cabbage leaves once.

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15 interesting facts very few people know about football

In football, there are many interesting facts that few people notice. Here are some stories like that.

  1. In 1967, the two sides in the civil war in Nigeria have ceased the war for 2 days, to monitor the friendly match of “King of Football” Pele took place in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.
  2. 149-0 is the biggest score in a professional football match. It took place in the Madagascar National Championship in November 2002, which was the victory of Stade Olympique de L’emyrne against rival AS Adema because the opponent repeatedly kicked an own goal to protest the referee’s decision in the previous match.
  3. The maximum number of goals scored by a player in a professional match is 16 goals. That achievement belongs to Stephan Stanis, in the Lens club match (France) in December 1942.
  4. The youngest professional player in the world is Bryce Brites. When he was recruited by Racing Boxberg (Belgium), Bryce was just … 20 months old.
  5. 27 professional football teams in the world take the name of the Beatles’ songs as their nicknames. Among them, the most famous is Villarreal with the song “Yellow Submarine”.
  6. The largest football tournament in the world has 5,098 teams participating. It was the 7th Stadium tournament held in Bangkok, Thailand in 1999. There are about 35,000 players participating in the competition.
  7. FIFA World Federation has more members (209 members) than the United Nations (193 members).
  8. When the World Cup was held in the US in 1994, they spent only 30 million dollars to improve the infrastructure for the game. In 2014, Brazil spent $ 11 billion on the World Cup.